Magna Carta and Chanakya’s Arthshastra : A Comparative Analysis

  • Dr. Alka Jain Jain Subodh Management Institute, Jaipur
Keywords: Kautilya, Chanakya, Magna Carta, Arthashastra, Kingship, role of king, taxation, snaskrit manuscript


During her visit to Senate Hall of Melbourne, the author happened to come across the content of Magna Carta , in which controlling tools for the supreme authority-kings were laid down. The author was surprised to notice the similarity between the rules laid down by Chanakya and the rules laid down in Magna Carta for the rulers of its era. The paper attempts to prove that Chanakya almost 1600 years before Magna Carta had already established the role of kingship and his control on treasure of the king. There was a possibility that the fight between the Barons and the King John would not have taken place if they followed the rules of kingship, laid down by Chanakya in Arthshastra

Author Biography

Dr. Alka Jain, Jain Subodh Management Institute, Jaipur

Assistant Professor

cum Placement Officer, S. S