“Study of Banana Business Traders’ Psychology of Jalgaon District (Maharashtra) towards adopting the E-Marketing Strategies”

  • Sayyed Akhatar Ali Poona Institute of Management Sciences & Entrepreneurship, Pune.
  • Dr. Satish Warpade Lotus Business School, Pune.
Keywords: e-marketing strategies, banana trade, psychology of banana traders


By 2015, Jalgaon district in Maharashtra has become the world’s seventh largest producer of Banana if it were a ‘country’. This, itself shows the Banana cultivation capacity of the district. It is understandable that the Banana traders of Jalgaon mostly are not highly literate and techsavvy. In the current environment, Jalgaon Banana traders are facing huge competition. Though e-marketing strategies can be helpful for them to gain bigger and better market but lesser awareness keep them away of it. It is always suggestible that e-marketing strategies are the best tools to capture global market. The study is exploratory & the primary data was collected by interviewing the banana traders. The secondary data was collected through internet, reports, research papers and news articles published.
The following study is an attempt to find out the psychology of banana traders of Jalgaon towards adopting the e-marketing strategies and what influences the decision of adopting emarketing strategies of Banana traders of Jalgaon . Through the study, it was found and observed that most of the banana traders are reluctant to adopt e-marketing strategies as they consider that their ability to understand, education, capability, customer base etc. are the reasons behind it.

Author Biographies

Sayyed Akhatar Ali, Poona Institute of Management Sciences & Entrepreneurship, Pune.

Assistant Professor

Poona Institute of Management Sciences & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Satish Warpade, Lotus Business School, Pune.


Lotus Business School, Pune