Dhaka Water Supply System Management develops a model of Urban Drainage Opration and Maintenance Project with Software Technology

  • Dr. Engr. Gazi Farok
  • Taco De Vries
  • Shahid Ullah
Keywords: Drainage, Sludge, System, Project, Operation


Dhaka Water Supply System Management (i.e.; Dhaka WASA) is the main service provider in drainage system maintenance in Dhaka city. In the mega-city of Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh, with over 10  million people facing acute problems in increasing urban flooding, storm sewrage and sanitation which
affecting millions of inhabitants and businesses every year. To remedy these urban flooding problems the responsible authority, (DWASA) has started the Urban Dredging Demonstration Project (UDDP) under the existing partnership with Vitens Evides International from the Netherlands. Once Dhaka city has 49
canals which served as the natural drainage system but with the course of time most of canals are illegally occupied and disappeared and rest of them have become narrower, silted up, and blocked. To over come this problems adoption of new dredging tecnology and longterm dredging plan with WIT (sediment
information system) offers a solution. WIT is a dynamic web-based GIS application for planning and maintenance operations of drainage system. It offers a unique combination of tools which makes it possible to process data and prepare long-term dredging plans. Practical modules allow for the
optimisation of maintenance dredging by calculating quantities dredged material, the testing of data quality and planning of maintenance dredging. The data can be visualized in tables, diagrams, charts for invsetgating the following questions: location of dredged waterways, volume of sediment (material) to be
dredged, quality (chemical and physical) of the dredged materials, total costs of the dredging operations and maintenance, available sites for disposal.

Author Biographies

Dr. Engr. Gazi Farok

Project Management Specialist, RPL Properties, Canada & Invigilator, York University, Canada and
Executive Engineer, Dhaka WASA, Bangladesh

Taco De Vries

Resident Project Manager, Urban Dredging Demonstration Project(UDDP), Drainage (O&M) Circle,
Dhaka WASA, Bangladesh

Shahid Ullah

GIS Expert, Urban Dredging Demonstration Project(UDDP), Drainage (O&M) Circle, Dhaka WASA,