Gem of scratches Kavyaksara: The transformation of the Kavya thinking in Novel Gadjah Mada Hamukti Palapa

  • Teguh Tri Wahyudi
Keywords: historical novel, Intertextual, Kavyaksara, Old Javanese


History becomes memorable in memory that occurred in the past. This memory is partly recorded in a string of sentences contained in literature. In the development of modern literary works, writing historical novels lately commonplace. Interesting facts that should be seen in more detail is the use of the elements in the text of previous literary works as a part in the writing of the story in a new form. Intertextuality studies may help dissect the elements taken from the previous text. Novel Gadjah Mada Hamukti Palapa shows concrete evidence that consciously presented by the authors in the form of footnotes. Retention of vocabulary and sentence in the original language, the text kavyaksara ancient Javanese language, which is used as a reference text is the main
attraction in the meaning of the story is strung in the new work.