Socio Demographic Characteristics of the Arab-Bedouin Population in Southern Israel, Along with Models and Theories that Explain the Formation of Violent Behavior Among Bedouin Students

  • Hatem Abu Queder Doctorate University Tiraspol – Moldova
Keywords: Socio Demographic Characteristics, Arab-Bedouin Population, Southern Israel, Along with Models, Violent Behavior


Background and socio-demographic characteristics of the Arab Bedouin population in the state of Israel The Arab education system in Israel, conducts itself next to the Jewish education system while both population live separately and detached from each other, speak different languages, live a different lifestyle, and to a great extant strange to one another [1]. In addition to and as a part of the control system of the main rule over the Arab minority in Israel, the Arab education system is subordinate to the main education system in regard to the studied contents, the organizational construct, and the allocation of resources [2]. This subordination holds two aspects with contradicting patterns, on the one, since the establishment of Israel the rates of student attendance in schools in the Arab population have consistently increased, and mostly the rate of girls learning in them.