Effects of Violent Crimes on Economic Welfare of Slum Dwellers: Kenyan Perspective

  • Stanley S Yiaile Maasai Mara University
  • Dr. Fr. Ambrose Rono Maasai Mara University
  • Dr. Gladys Ngao Kenyatta University
Keywords: Economic Welfare, Strategies, Slum Dweller, Violent Crimes


Crimes within and across borders of a given state, constitutes a serious threat to national and global development and stability and are not limited to only international war and conflict, but also civil violence, terrorism and violent crimes. It is on this basis this paper sought to assess effects and strategies of violent crimes on economic welfare of slum dwellers in Narok town, Kenya. The research design for the study was survey research design. The target population for this study was all adults aged 18 years and above and living in Majengo slum in Narok town. The study sample was 120 respondents. Data was collected using questionnaires and interview guide. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics with aid of Statistical package for Social Sciences and presented by use tables, pie charts and graphs. The study established that violent crimes led to loss of income due early closure of business because of fear of burglary and extortion from the criminals. The study further revealed that violent crimes led to wastage of resources through increased investment in security apparatus. The study established the most effective strategies in curbing incidences of violent crimes in order of merit as enhanced lighting, installation of alarm systems, coming home early, employing guards and finally community policing. The study concluded that the number of violent crimes were increasing as new ones
were being formed which implied need for increased surveillance and increased investment in violent crime strategy prevention. Hence, the study recommended good cooperation between police, County government and community to increase police effectiveness and community’s confidence about police.

Author Biographies

Stanley S Yiaile, Maasai Mara University

School of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Fr. Ambrose Rono, Maasai Mara University

School of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Gladys Ngao, Kenyatta University

School of Education