Capoeira - A Combination of Music, Martial Art and Dance

  • Ananda Majumdar Antarctic Institute of Canada, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Keywords: Global Culture, Slave Culture, Afro-Brazilian Identity, Symbol of Self Respect, Self Confidence, Ambassador of Peace and Love, Life for Refugee Children, Combination of skills, Resistance of Slavery, Self-Defence, Conventional and Unconventional skill, Medicine of love, Symbol of Struggle


Purpose of this article to know about a culture, which had ups and down, a culture of struggle and freedom for a community. Capoeira is the glimpse of Brazilian mixed culture transformed from local to global culture. It was a hidden weapon of slave society of Portuguese Brazil against of their masters that escaped them many times. It is a movement, a game, a song, and a dance. It is a motto for generations. It is a vast knowledge for audience worldwide. It is a history, a culture of civilization, a martial art, and a game of global development physically and mentally. This game works everywhere whether a peaceful area or a war devastated area, it brings peace to every community, youth and for their developmental activities, makes a developmental approach, a developmental thought. It is an art and a project literature. It is a festival for youth and generation. Capoeira can help development of education worldwide by accepting capoeira as a global cultural and educational lesson. Therefore, I write about capoeira.

Author Biography

Ananda Majumdar, Antarctic Institute of Canada, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Student/Reshercher, University of Alberta,