Research Publication Trends on Ph.D Theses of Botany Department, Annamalai University: A Citation Study.

  • Dr.K. Vijayakumar Annamalai University
Keywords: Citation, Document type, Botany, degree of collaboration, authorship pattern, Relative growth rate


This paper is discussed about the submitted research theses in the Dept of Botany in Annamalai University, during the period of 2007-2016, the duration of 10 years. This research attempts to analyze the research out of 74 theses submitted in Botany for a period of 10 years. This study applied bibliomatric techniques, such as authorship pattern, Degree of collaboration, Relative growth rate, country wise distribution, totally 10,619 citations are teaching to consider for this study.

Author Biography

Dr.K. Vijayakumar, Annamalai University

Assistant professor (SG). DLIS,