EPH - International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (ISSN: 2208-2174) 2019-07-01T06:40:47+00:00 Naveen Malik Open Journal Systems <p><strong> <span id="cell-6-name" class="gridCellContainer"> <span class="label"> EPH - International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (ISSN: 2208-2174)</span></span>&nbsp;</strong> publishes a wide range of high quality research articles in the field (but not limited to) given below: Anthropology, Archaeology, Business Management, Business studies, Communication studies, Corporate Governance, Corporate organization, Criminology, Cross cultural, studies, Demography, Development Studies, Economics, Education etc.<br><span style="font-size: 1.5em;"><strong> <span style="text-shadow: #ff6600 0px 0px 3px;">Current Impact Factor: 1.866</span></strong></span></p> The Influence of Workplace Spirituality to Work-Life Balance among Employees of Hospitality Industry in Taiwan 2019-06-24T08:43:06+00:00 Ming-Chia Chen <p>The study investigated the effect of workplace spirituality on work-life balance among employees working in the hospitality industry. After the contents of the questionnaires were confirmed, a total of 104 hotels were sampled by list of international sightseeing hotels on tourist information management system of Taiwan, with 10 copies of the questionnaires were sent to each hotel. The results of this study confirmed that spirituality in the workplace has a significant and positive effect on the work-life balance of employees in the food service industry. This positive effect may lead to employees’ awareness and cognition of work-life balance. Work-life balance awareness, and staff turnover rate was found to have a close relationship.</p> 2019-06-24T08:35:48+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 EPH - International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (ISSN: 2208-2174) THE SCOPE OF THE MIL WOMEN PROGRAM AS A PUBLIC POLICY IN COMBATING FEMALE VIOLENCE: A LOOK FROM ITS EXECUTORS 2019-07-01T06:40:47+00:00 Nilva Celestina do Carmo Maria das Dores Saraiva de Loreto Fabíola Faria da Cruz Rodrigues Bianca Monteiro Marques Alves <p style="margin: 0px; text-align: justify; line-height: 150%;"><span lang="EN-US" style="margin: 0px; line-height: 150%; font-family: 'Times New Roman',serif; font-size: 12pt;">This study aimed to examine the functioning, problems, challenges and contributions of the Thousand Women Program, through the perspective of those who contributed to its implementation, specifically on the fight against female violence. Interviews were conducted with program implementers within the Federal Institute of the Southeast of Minas Gerais, seeking to answer questions related to the implementation of the program, actors involved, philosophy and methodology. The results highlight that, due to the limitations of human, structural, material and didactic resources, the success obtained did not include all the expected objectives, not having as main focus the control of violence against women. It can be concluded that the PMM can be seen as a potentially inductive public policy, with the capacity to instill in the participants the desire, the motivation and the hope to seize the protagonism of their lives, as well as to promote the rupture with the patriarchal relations, in order to guarantee autonomy with regard to their bodies and decision making, characterizing an empowerment, as a process, in the individual and group scope.</span></p> 2019-07-01T06:29:20+00:00 Copyright (c) 2019 EPH - International Journal of Humanities and Social Science (ISSN: 2208-2174)