Perceived influence of advancement of technology on the implementation of Nursing Process among Nurses at Tenwek Hospital,Bomet County.

  • Karen J. Yego
  • Mutunga-Mwenda Catherine
  • Mageto Irene
Keywords: nursing process, implementation, advancement of technology


To determine perceived influence of advancement of technology on the implementation of the nursing process (NP) among nurses at Tenwek Hospital. Design: This was a cross sectional descriptive study which is both qualitative and quantitative in nature. Setting; The stratified departments at Tenwek hospital which is not a public institution. Subjects/participants; The population of interest to the study consisted of the nurses working at Tenwek Hospital. These are the health workers who are employed by Tenwek Hospital Board. They were chosen since they are the group that is directly involved on implementation of NP at the hospital and are aware of the situation in the hospital. Data was collected between 13th May 2014 to 20th May 2014. Main outcome measure; influence of technological advancement on implementation of NP, Nurse- Perception on Technological advancement on implementation of Nursing process . Results: Findings on technological advancement point out that majority 66.3 %( n=59) of respondents agreed that technology used in monitoring NP are available and 61.8 %( n=55) agreed that use of technology have resulted in better time management. Most 58.4 %( n= 52) respondents disagrees with the training on the use of technological, 39.3%(44) disagrees that repair and maintenance of NP technical appliances are fast and efficient On communication between the nurses and administration on technical appliances, most 51.7 %( n=46) of the responds disagrees that there nurses are consulted on the preferred choice of technology to be utilised. 32.6% (n=29) participants indicated that they prefer to have digital thermometers and blood-pressure machines as they will save time and improve efficiency of care provided. Majority 67% (n=60) responded indicated that there was adequate technological appliances that plays a role in data analysis, data validation and data storage.