Evaluation of the Nursing Care Administered to Psychoactive Substance Dependent Patients Mathari Hospital in Nairobi- Kenya

  • Mutunga-Mwenda Catherine S Mount Kenya University
  • Fatuma Affey Umma University
Keywords: Institution nursing care approach ,


Different nursing care approaches have been used in the care of psychoactive substance dependent patients as shown by literature. Nurses form a core component of many healthcare systems so their role in responding to problems related to psychoactive substance use is crucial (Murray & Andrews, 2002). The aim of the study was to evaluate the nursing Care approach administered to Psychoactive Substance Dependent Patients admitted in substance dependence rehabilitation unit at Mathari hospital in Nairobi. This was a cross sectional descriptive study conducted in November 2010. 22 nurses taking care of psychoactive substance depedend patients were purposively included. Pretest was done in Asumbi rehabilitation centre in Nairobi. Data analysis methods included use of descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings were presented using charts, tables, and narrative form. Results indicated that 45% manage withdrawal symptoms, while 41% do routine nursing care to the psychoactive substance dependent patient. The nurses could not identify exactly their role in the care of psychoactive substance dependent patients after detoxification period. Therefore it was recommended that psychoactive substance dependent patients and their relatives should be actively involved in the plan of care.

Author Biographies

Mutunga-Mwenda Catherine S, Mount Kenya University

School of Nursing

Mount Kenya University

Fatuma Affey, Umma University

Deparmet of Nursing

Umma University