Maternal Education, Hygienic Practices and Children’s Health Status

  • Syadani Riyad Fatema Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU)
  • Mr. Humayun Kabir University of New England, Australia
Keywords: Maternal education, Hygienic practices, Child health, Diseases


This empirical study was conducted to show how mother’s educational level and personal hygienic practices influence their children’s health status. For this, 135 mothers who have admitted their children in the Comilla Medical College Hospital (one of the government medical college hospitals in Bangladesh) for treatment purpose were selected purposively for face to face interview. The study reveals that there are significant correlations among maternal education level, hygienic practices and children’s health status. Quantitative data were analyzed through using SPSS (version 17). Bivariate analysis showed that

Author Biographies

Syadani Riyad Fatema, Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU)

Department of Bangladesh and Liberation War Studies Noakhali Science

Technology University

Mr. Humayun Kabir, University of New England, Australia

PhD Student, School of Health

Assistant Professor in Sociology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh