Assessment of the operating lifetime of copolymer liners using a novel formula

  • Fallah T.M
  • Morshedlou R.
  • Badlou BA
Keywords: Prediction, lifetime, polypropylene liner, fatigue stress, blood centrifuge


Preventive assessment of liners' lifetime is very important for the public health. Fatigue is the main reason of mechanical failure at least in 90 % of fractures during blood banks 'centrifuges operations. The aim of this study is to develop a formula to estimate lifetime of polymeric liners. The results from experimental and analytical study are pointed out in a diagram. Using our  presented formula enables one to estimate approximately when a liner should be replaced before unwanted fracture might occur.

Author Biographies

Fallah T.M

Mohammad FallahTafti, PhD, assistant professor, Medical Devices, Research department of IBTO, Tehran, Iran

Morshedlou R.

Sina Ebtekar Equipment & Engineering Co. R&D Dept. Tehran, Iran.

Badlou BA

Dr. Bahram Alamdary Badlou (CEO)
PhD Haematology/Transfusion Medicine-Platelets
BBAdvies and Research, Research and Development dept.