Seismic vulnerability assessment framework for a pilesupported wharf

  • Ali Banayan College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran
  • Khosrow Bargi College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran
Keywords: Pile-supported wharf, Fragility curves, Seismic vulnerability, Incremental analysis


Past earthquakes have illustrate that the pile-supported wharves suffer extensive structural damage when subject to moderate-to-strong ground motion. The main objective of this study is to investigate the seismic vulnerability of a wharf supported by vertical pipe piles. For this purpose, Fragility analysis which is one of the powerful tools in seismic vulnerability assessment of structures is selected. This analysis play an essential role in evaluating the structural damage when the structure is subjected to an earthquake specified by a ground motion intensity measure (PGA here). In this respect, a three dimensional finite element model representing a pile-supported wharf structure has been constructed. Due to important effect of pile-soil interaction on the seismic response of such structures, p-y and t-z springs are included in this model. Incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) was used to estimate the response of wharf structure under different level of excitations. Based on the collected seismic responses, analytical fragility curves are obtained. These curves can also be used for wharf retrofit method prioritization.

Author Biographies

Ali Banayan, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran

M.Sc. student

school of civil engineering

Khosrow Bargi, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran


school of civil engineering