Controller Tuning for Disturbance Rejection Associated with Delayed Double Integrating Processes, Part II: I-PD Controller

  • Galal Ali Hassaan Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Keywords: Disturbance rejection, delayed double integrating processes, I-PD controller, controller tuning


An I-PD controller is investigated for disturbance rejection associated with delayed double integrating processes. The controller is tuned using the MATLAB optimization toolbox and five different error-based objective functions for process time delay between 0.1 and 5 s. The more suitable objective function for disturbance rejection with the I-PD controller used with the delayed double integrating process is assigned and the effect of the process time delay on the performance of the control system in the time domain is shown. The unit step disturbance input time response of the control system has a maximum value less than 0.431, time of maximum time response less than 1.01 s and a settling time less than 15 s for time delay ≤ 1 s. The simulation results using the I-PD controller are superior when compared with other disturbance rejection techniques based on using PD-PI and PIDF controllers.

Author Biography

Galal Ali Hassaan, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Emeritus Professor

Mechanical Design & Production. Faculty of Engineering