Numerical Method for Estimating Flow Pattern around Consecutive Hockey-Shaped Spur Dike with using Computational Fluid Dynamic

  • Ali Hooshmand Aini Ayandegan Institute of Higher Education, Tonekabon
Keywords: Consecutive Hockey-shaped spur Dike, CFD,, Flow Pattern, FLUENT, k-ε


Using the Dike is an indirect method for controlling coastline erosion based on the modification of the flow pattern. The construction of this structure is with the aim of diverting the flow from erodible River coastline or establishing the appropriate route for directing the flow and sometimes for required depth of shipping. This paper uses a numerical model to study flow patterns around the Consecutive Hockey-shaped Spur Dike. Firstly, the geometric model and meshing of the structure are generated in GAMBIT software and then the model is solved with the software FLUENT. In this paper, we have chosen k-ε as turbulence model. The results of the analysis are presented as the flow pattern in the dike and the distribution of velocity counter in X and Y directions.

Author Biography

Ali Hooshmand Aini, Ayandegan Institute of Higher Education, Tonekabon

Department of Civil Engineering

Ayandegan Institute of Higher Education