The Impact of Operations Manufacturing Management Systems by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Application

  • Kay K. Kim Fitchburg State University
Keywords: ERP, MRP, SCM, HRM, CRM, FRM, Quality Management


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a concept that has evolved over the last six decades into all inclusive, companywide, management software system. Many companies have adapted this technology after weighing the benefits and challenges associates with its use. Those who have made the decision to deploy an ERP system, in a regimented and systematic manner have shown to make significant reductions in labor costs and errors, while increasing real time visibility to all internal processes. These reductions in labor have allowed companies to reallocate resources elsewhere to focus on becoming a more competitive company. In this paper ERP software are thoroughly explained and its history of evolution are reviewed. The benefits and challenges associated with ERP systems will be discussed to aid in determining an ERP system’s feasibility. This has been done without referencing specific brands or specific software developers in order to provide a general understanding of technology and capabilities

Author Biography

Kay K. Kim, Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg MA 01420 USA