The Strain Rate Effect on the Flexural Strength and Cost of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams

  • C. B. Demakos Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (P.U.A.S.)
Keywords: Steel, Fibres, Experiment, Flexure, Concrete beam, Strain rate, Loading capacity, Cost


The beneficial effect of strain rate upon the ductility and loading capacity of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) beams subject to quasi-static and dynamic threepoint bending tests with various amounts of steel fibers and the economical influence on the construction was investigated in this paper. Experimental results revealed that the loading capacity of SFRC beams attained higher values at dynamic strain rates applied in beams with low dosage of steel fibers. In addition, the cost construction of these SFRC beams was mainly affected by concrete class and not fibers dosage to attain SFRC beams the optimum loading capacity.

Author Biography

C. B. Demakos, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (P.U.A.S.)

Department of Civil Engineering

Reinforced Concrete Lab