Moderation in Taking Nutrition of Vitamin H (Biotin) Keeps the Doctor Away.

  • Kou Hayakawa Graduate School of Health Sciences, Gunma University
Keywords: biotin (vitamin H)., thiol-type biotinidase/lipoamidase, membrane components. fucoidan, lipoic acid, avidin (biotin/lipoate-binding glycoprotein).


English maxim says that “Feed by measure and defy the physician”. In this review, I would like to demonstrate the truth of this proverb for biotin (vitamin H) and lipoic acid (thioctic acid). Recently, I have found that D-biotin regulates the membrane biosynthesis in the cells. Thus, both too extreme and too few amounts of biotin reduces the ratio of the membrane components leading to the disease. Further, the polysaccharide fucoidan derived from the edible brown alga of Japanese Mozuku gives the adequate ratio of the membrane components via giving the measure of biotin and lipoic acid. Thus, adequate lipoic acid-. fucoidan-, biotin-, and balanced-nutrition- intakes are expected to be the chief of all medicines combatting against such severe diseases as primary biliary cirrhosis, human liver cancer, depression, mania, cleft lip, Down syndrome, diabetes, atopic dermati- tis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer disease, and against Middle-East-respiratory- syndrome corona and human immunodeficiency viruses

Author Biography

Kou Hayakawa, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Gunma University

Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism

National Research Institute for Child Health and Development