Synthesis of Planar Mechanisms, Part VI: Six Bar – Two Sliders Mechanism

  • Galal Ali Hassaan Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
Keywords: 6 bar – 2 sliders mechanism, mechanism synthesis, optimal synthesis of planar mechanisms


The synthesis of a planar 6 bar-2 sliders mechanism is investigated in this paper to assign the optimal dimensions of the mechanism for specific values of its stroke. The objective of the synthesis is to maximize the time ratio of the mechanism. Functional constraints are defined to control the performance of the mechanism. The MATLAB optimization toolbox is used and three dimensions of the mechanism are assigned in a normalized form. Normalized stroke range from 0.5 to 3.333 is covered and the study shows that it is possible with the studied mechanism configuration to go to a time ratio as large as 4.364. The optimized synthesis of the mechanism can keep the transmission angle of the mechanism during complete crank rotation within the recommended range.

Author Biography

Galal Ali Hassaan, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Emeritus Professor

Mechanical Design & Production Department