From false eyelashes to false research; A journey of Research Integrity problems and prospects in Pakistan

  • Nazish Muzaffar Rawalpindi Cantonment, Pakistan
Keywords: Research integrity, Pakistan, Higher Education Commission, education


Pakistan has recovered from the intellectual stagnation but it has not come without pains. The current paper proposes and tests a set of possible determinants affecting Research Integrity in Pakistan. Cross sectional data was collected from 5 major Universities of Pakistan, through a self-administered survey of 150 respondents. The appropriateness of theory and conceptual framework were tested using structural equation modeling (SEM). The extended model accounted for the substantial amount of variance in integrity of research conducted in Pakistani Universities (χ2/df= 1.003). Specific findings revealed that 1) all predictors except Pressure to Publish were significantly related to Research Integrity 2) Degree Requirement and Junk Thesis Supervision emerged as strongest predictors of Research Integrity. Paper suggests a revival of thoroughly rotten academic system of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Author Biography

Nazish Muzaffar, Rawalpindi Cantonment, Pakistan

Independent Researcher