The Calculation of the Efficiency Crystalline and Mono-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells in the Environmental Conditions of Lut Desert in Iran

  • Askari Mohammad Bagher Payame Noor University
  • Mirzaei Mahmoud abadi Vahid Shahid Bahonar University
  • Bahrampour Mohammad Reza Payame Noor University
  • Mirhabibi Mohsen Payame Noor University
Keywords: Efficiency, Si (crystalline) solar cell, Si(multicrystalline) solar cell, Lut desert, Air mass, Global horizontal irradiation


Direct conversion of sunlight into electricity done by photovoltaic the choice of solar cells to generate electricity from solar energy in different regions of the world regarding to environmental and atmospheric conditions of the area should be considered. The diversity of solar cells, the solar cells for each geographical area will help to increase power generation. According to the parameters affecting the efficiency of solar cells as well as the high potential region of the Lut Desert in Iran, to calculate the efficiency of solar cells, Si (crystalline) solar cell and Si (multicrystalline) solar cell in this area will be discussed.

Author Biographies

Askari Mohammad Bagher, Payame Noor University

Department of Physics

Mirzaei Mahmoud abadi Vahid, Shahid Bahonar University

Department of Physics

Bahrampour Mohammad Reza, Payame Noor University

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Mirhabibi Mohsen, Payame Noor University

Department of Physics