Disturbance Rejection with a Highly Oscillating Second-order-like Process, Part VI: PPI Controller

  • Galal Ali Hassaan Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Keywords: Disturbance rejection, PPI controller, second-order-like process, controller tuning


A PPI controller is investigated for disturbance rejection associated with a highly oscillating second-order-like process. The controller is tuned using the MATLAB optimization toolbox for different error-based objective functions. The best objective function suitable for this type of controllers for the highly oscillating second order process is assigned. The unit step disturbance input time response of the control system has zero steady-state error and low response levels. The effect of the proportional gain of the PPI controller on the system dynamics is investigated. The PPI controller when used for disturbance rejection associated with the highly oscillating second-order process can compete well with PD-PI and PI-PD controllers used for the same purpose.

Author Biography

Galal Ali Hassaan, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Emeritus Professor

Mechanical Design & Production Department