A Wide Band Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Future 5G

  • Chong Ming Sam Technology and Built Environment, UCSI University
  • Mastaneh Mokayef Process System Engineering Center
Keywords: Wide, A, Band, Slotted, Microstrip, Patch, Antenna, Future, 5G


In this paper, a 5G capable slotted microstrip patch antenna is proposed. The antenna has an overall size of 22 × 19 mm2 at 11 GHz. The patch is excited using a 50-Ω feed line. A rectangular slot is etched off the ground plane to increase the gain of the antenna. The simulated results show that the proposed antenna works best at the 11 GHz frequency band.

Author Biographies

Chong Ming Sam, Technology and Built Environment, UCSI University

Faculty of Engineering

Mastaneh Mokayef, Process System Engineering Center

Faculty of Engineering