New Optical properties-Surface texture study of GaN/Sapphire substrate at room temperature for Nano-Optoelectronic devices

  • Kifah Q. Salih Ministry of Higher Education &Scientific Research
Keywords: Optical and Electrical properties of GaN, Visible and UV emissions of large band semiconductor materials, Surface texture and Photoluminescence


GaN have gained an unprecedented attention due to their wid-ranging applications. Aiming of this work is to create and develop properties of GaN buffer layer via metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) on Sapphire for Nano-Optoelectronic devices working in UV-Visible region .For that, We have designed simple cheap Stainless Steel cavity for creating new material system(new surface texture -new optical properties).UV-visible emissions, Surface morphologies were changed and characterized by PL (using Ar+ laser for Visible emissions & He Cd laser for UV emissions) and SEM respectively. GaN/Sapphire substrate surface texture and UV-visible emissions were changed , thin film structure becomes wiry network and red shift in UV -new emissions in Visible ( ~500nm~560nm) with high intensity. In this paper, new properties of GaN/Sapphire were observed ,recorded and discussed at room temperature. This study will open up a lot of possibilities concerning the applications and design working in high temperature or unstable conditions.

Author Biography

Kifah Q. Salih, Ministry of Higher Education &Scientific Research

Supervision and Scientific Evaluation Directorate