Assessment of Biodiversity Conservation & Restoration of Khajjiar Wetland, Chamba (H.P)

  • Pawan K. Attri H. P. University Summerhill, Shimla
Keywords: Khajjiar Wetland, Chamba, Biodiversity, Himachal


The present study was undertaken from 2009 to 2011 in order to understand the current status of wetlands in district Chamba. The study was conducted in Khajjiar wetland and its catchments area for biodiversity. Repeated visits were made to the field to record the flora and vegetation of the area. In India, majority of the wetlands are badly affected and some of them are even highly threatened or on the verge of extinction mainly due to anthropogenic interventions. The remaining wetlands also threatened by air and water pollutants, and hydrologic alterations. Natural wetlands in India consist of high altitude Himalayan lakes. According to International importance, there are 25 Ramsar sites in India out of them 3 wetlands in the State of Himachal Pradesh have been declared as wetlands of international importance. The Khajjiar wetland is one of important lake although it is not an international importance. It is important because of socio-cultural and ecological values and services it provides. Presently lake is under threat due to anthropogenic pressures. The problem is further accentuated because of loss of water quality data, ecological services, information etc. Thus it is necessary to reclaim and develop the wetlands for its optimum potential use, for this a reliable and accurate data base is required. Therefore, present study endeavour aimed to generate data base in terms of socio-cultural and ecological aspects i.e. physical aspects / land use, extent of water spread and its water quality, vegetation status of catchments area and surrounding of lake and to determine the importance of these wetlands for the local people and to give an indication of the distribution of the benefits among various stakeholders.

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Pawan K. Attri, H. P. University Summerhill, Shimla

(UGC-centre of excellence)

Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies

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