• DIBAKAR DIBAKAR Executive Magistrate in India & Ph.D Student
Keywords: manifestation, expression, writer, Ambition, Friendship


Creative writing is based more on manifestation rather than on expression. It does not inform rather it reveals, so it bears no reference. The present article is the outcome of creative writing meant for lay readers. As such free style is the methodology adopted so that the pleasure of reading can be enjoyed by the common people. As you know well that Francis Bacon (1561 -1626), the immortal writer, wrote many essays, and notably “Of Love”, “Of Friendship”, “Of Ambition”, “Of Studies”, etc. The myriad-minded genius rightly pointed out that all the words of the dictionary can be the themes of essays one can write. But little has been done, in this regard since his death, in order to finish his unfinished monumental works. In fact Bacon's way of presentation and his unique style kindled imagination and inspired me to write essays, in the light of creative writing, thus to get relief through catharsis

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DIBAKAR DIBAKAR, Executive Magistrate in India & Ph.D Student

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