Consider the evolution of modern architecture in the buildings affected by the Pahlavi era

  • Maral Chamanara Islamic Azad University,
  • Fatemeh Abbasi Lecturer of Islamic Azad university
Keywords: Modern architecture, Iranian architectural, Affected


Iranian architecture from the late Qajar and Pahlavi periods was chaos and confusion. In this period we also saw the construction of buildings, each of which represents one of the schools of thought are certain periods of Iranian history, During Reza Shah with regard to the attitude that he and government officials in Iran. Tried to organize a government office in accordance with the forms is available in Europe .National style architecture in such a way Reza Shah National Romanticism and was a manifestation of ancient history. But during the second Pahlavi serious changes in ideas and architectural style are the new trends adopted the international style. The population in this study were selected monuments that their number reached 155 building and is mostly public. Studies are based on field research. According to the research we are going to study the trends in the modern architecture of the buildings to measure. For this reason, the modern architectural style features five main features as selection criteria to ascertain the extent of compliance with these criteria be measured by the 155. Effect of Iranian architecture of the buildings of other criteria study. The results show that over time the Pahlavi period, however, is the influence of modern architecture in Iran. At the same time, The use of original architectural elements have also increased. Modern architecture approach towards international architecture and architecture is independent of culture and geography. While this architectural style in the Pahlavi era in Iran, combined with architectural features have been used

Author Biographies

Maral Chamanara, Islamic Azad University,

Graduate Student at architecture, Islamic Azad University, Damghan Branch, Iran.

Fatemeh Abbasi, Lecturer of Islamic Azad university

Fatemeh Abbasi, Lecturer of Islamic Azad university, Rudehen Branch, Iran