Oval Diagram Illustration Sub-atom, Atom

  • Sun Chunwu Mainly engaged in natural science research
Keywords: Oval Diagram and Formulas, Diffuse Gases, Centripetal Force, Micromolecule, Sub-atom, Atom, Red Giant Star, Internal Movement Description of Red Giant Star and Atom;


According to French scientist Laplace, we must regard the current state of the universe as the result of its previous state and the causation of later development; if there is a wisdom to comprehend the location of each entity, and even to analyze these things, it can outlines the movement of cosmic inventory with a single formula, from maximal celestial body to minimal atom, so that the future can be clearly presented just as the past.

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Sun Chunwu, Mainly engaged in natural science research

Room 805, Building 20, Shuxiu Garden, Xihu Town, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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