Performance Contracting and Head Teacher Performance in Primary and Secondary Schools in Kenya

  • David Njogu Embu University College
  • Dr. Denis Muchangi Jamleck Kirinyaga university college
Keywords: Performance contracting, Performance appraisal, Head teachers’ performance


This study seeks to establish the extent to which performance contracting has been adopted, it’s effects on the performance of head teachers and subsequent challenges in schools in Kenya with special reference to Embu County Schools. Review of recent empirical crossnational studies conducted to decode the comfort of signing performance contract, shows that head teachers did not reject implementation of performance contract in totality. There were flaws in sensitivity of scopes, meaning, importance and equity to all. Since performance contract is a freely negotiated tool, government should lay a good foundation and not hurried up process leading to confusion. Performance contracting is directed to all public civil service as a reform agenda for better service delivery. Whereas the high ranking servants may welcome the idea of measuring performance the lower cadre might feel exposed hence resist. Performance appraisals evaluate strengths and weakness against the criteria set upon organizations goal and therefore are worthy. Challenges in grading structure and negotiation committee can be addressed by agreed targets. Further, in all stages communication should remain open and eliminate any ambiguities to build trust. Fair and firm government instructions with proper standards against which results can be measured, will lead head teachers giving key areas for good results establishment. Good leadership by head teachers will influence teachers to willingly and enthusiastically append signatures in performance appraisals.

Author Biographies

David Njogu, Embu University College

School of Business and Economics

Dr. Denis Muchangi Jamleck, Kirinyaga university college

School of Business and Economics

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