The Link between strategy adoption and the Performance of Insurance Firms within Meru County

  • Elizabeth .W. Musoma Kenya Methodist University
  • Wilson Muema Kenya Methodist University
  • Abel Moguche Kenya Methodist University
Keywords: Strategy adoption, Performance, Insurance firms, Growth strategy


The study focused on the link between strategy adoption and performance of insurance firms within Meru County, Kenya. Strategy is the organized and proactive attempt of an organization to set up basic reasons, aims, guidelines and plans. It entails implementation of complete strategies by putting in to practice guidelines and plans to acquire aims and essential organizational function. The study investigated the link between growth strategy, and the performance of insurance firms in Meru County. The study used correlational study design. A sample of 39 respondents was selected purposively from the managers and unit managers of insurance firms in Meru. The study used census study methodology. The study used primary data. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data. Logistic regression was used to link the relationship between independent variables and dependent variables to test the hypothesisDescriptive data was presented in frequency tables, percentages and in figure forms. The study found that growth strategy had a significant relationship with the performance of insurance firms. These findings provide help to researchers and students and lays foundation for further studies in insurance firms.The study recommends that insurance firms adopt growth strategy and to gain competitive advantage. 

Author Biographies

Wilson Muema, Kenya Methodist University

Department of Business Administration

Kenya Methodist University

Abel Moguche, Kenya Methodist University


Department of Business Administration

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