Digital Programs in Thai Universities: Faculty, Costs, Program Format and Highlights

  • Dr. Chaiyaset Promsri
Keywords: Digital program, Digital business, Digital relevance, Thai universities, Higher education


The purpose of this study was to investigate digital degree programs both undergraduate and graduate in Thailand with the focus on faculty, costs, program format, and highlights. Data were retrieved from the search engine by using the key word “digital program in Thai universities” in Thai language. Results showed that 15 programs from 14 universities both public and private were related to “digital.” Among 10 undergraduate programs in digital, a half of them were designed as a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The average credit hours for digital related program of undergraduate degree were between 116-135 credits. Most of undergraduate program had delivered their programs in a weekday format for a four-year program while graduate program had tied up with a weekend format. Surprisingly, more than 80 percent of these digital programs did not provide other digital platforms rather than website for prospective students to access the essential information of the program. Recommendations for further studies and research implications were also included.


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