Development Communication Strategy for the Implementation of Local Community Based Development Model in West Java Province

  • Anter Venus Universitas Padjadjaran
  • Duddy Zein Lecture Communication Management Program Study
  • Agus Setiaman Lecture Communication Management Program Study Communication Science
Keywords: Communication Strategy, Local Community Organization, Participation, Development


It is necessary to understand the new understanding of rural communities that should be viewed or understood as capital, power and development potential, thus the implementation of rural development should be directed towards the efforts of development and improvement on the initiative and self-help community. The merge of communicty needs with the interests of the government, it is necessary to have a platform that can accommodate community participation in the implementation of development that has been programmed by the government. The platform of community participation should be able to accommodate and fulfill the aspirations and
initiatives of the community, as well as a platform of communication between the community and the government and between the community themselves, so that every effort and community activities can be coordinated as well as possible. 
The results show that the optimal role of local community organizations is limited and often constrained on the issue of paternalistic authority, and empowerment through local community organizations is often used politically for the sake of power itself.

Author Biographies

Anter Venus, Universitas Padjadjaran

Communication Science

Duddy Zein, Lecture Communication Management Program Study

Universitas Padjadjaran

Agus Setiaman, Lecture Communication Management Program Study Communication Science

Universitas Padjadjaran