Synergistic effects of plant extracts and antifungal drugs on C. albicans

  • Ahmed k. salih
Keywords: Plant extract,, Fluconazole, Candida albicans,, Black seed, Fresh garlic extract, Antifungal


Background: fungi have surrounded us and have affected our life, when changed or getting out from control it should be
treated and when change to multi drug resistant it is difficult to treat by antibiotics so wecan use plant extracts to produce
valuable protection against infection.
Objective: In this study, we used agar well diffusion method to investigate the effect of antifungal drug of plant extracts on
Candida albicans,
Method: Candida albicans was isolated from oral cavity of Sulaimani Emergency hospital patients. The isolates consisted
c.albicans (n=15). The microorganisms were divided into four groups in a factorial design: control, FGE with blackseed, FGE
without black seed, black seed without FGE and antibiotic(Fluconazole). The minimum inhibitory concentration of FGE was
calculated by using a gradient of concentrations and observeing their inhibitory effects on C. albicans.
Results: fresh garlic extract (FGE extract) displayed evident inhibition against Candida albicansby producing more inhibition
zone (p < 0.05), Black seed extract (BL extract) showed no inhibitory effect on C. albicansat %10 concentration.However,
synergism of BI with FGE have shown significant effects on it (P < 0.05) and fluconazole had little effect on Candidaalbicans.
Conclusion: the result suggest that FGE can improve the antibiotic sensitivity and BI don’t effect on C.albicans

Author Biography

Ahmed k. salih

Researcher in bio center, azady street, Tkrit, IRAQ

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