Awareness about Vertebral cancer in postgraduate biology students

  • Muhammad Imran Qadir
Keywords: vertebral cancer, proliferation, breast cancer, lung cancer


Vertebral cancer or tumor is a type of cancer which is caused either by formation of tumor in spinal cord and spread in the vertebrae, any type of cancer can proliferate vertebrae, bone cancer can also spread to spine but mostly the vertebral cancer is caused by metastasis of tumor from different parts mainly from breast, prostate, and lungs. A questioner was prepared and awareness among 38 postgraduate biology student was studied it was found that according to the results 56.6% students consider it a viral disease whereas 2% consider it as bacterial and fungal disease, 60.2% consider it as a genetic disease and 40.9% consider it a metabolic disease None of the student suffer from the disease whereas 2.63% student’s relative and family suffer from the disease, according to 23.6%student the disease can be transferred by blood and 35.57% says that it is transferred from parent to offspring’s. According to 65.5% student disease can be cured by medicine, 82.31% agreed that surgery is used for treatment and according to 8.894% student the disease is not curable, hence it was concluded that some of the postgraduate biology students were aware of disease and some have little knowledge.


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