Study on the College Campus Loans Management Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

  • Yong Wei Yang
Keywords: Campus loan, AHP, Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation


In recent years, the problems caused by college campus loans have not fallen. How to effectively
solve the negative impact of campus lending on the campus has become a hot issue that needs to be
solved urgently. This paper analyzes the current situation of campus loans by means of a
questionnaire survey of students from Anyang Normal University. Then the evaluation model of the
influencing factors of campus loan is established by fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, and the weight
of each factor of campus loan is obtained by using the analytic hierarchy process, which makes the
evaluation result more objective and scientific. Finally, some suggestions on how to deal with campus
loans are given from the government, school, family and students, in order to increase the correct
understanding of campus loans and promote the healthy growth of college students.


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