Comparative analysis of education systems of different countries

  • ROBU Elena conferenţiar universitar, doctor în economie
  • HAJAJRA Mohamed Manager, PhD student of
Keywords: education system, comparative analysis, countries


Nowadays, the global education system all over the world has to adapt to multiple changes in geopolitics, demographics, climate and other domains. Today, economically developed countries choose education models that answer the chosen globalization scenario. For example, the American education system is aimed at individualization of the conscience and personality adaptation to the world economics arena, which suits the strategic Western plans of the world globalization scenario.  Education system of Russia is based more on the society needs rather than the individual’s needs, which suits the state strategy aimed at the multi-poles world. What are the main differences of the education systems of leading countries of the world today?  This was the issue of this paper.


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Author Biographies

ROBU Elena, conferenţiar universitar, doctor în economie

ULIM – Secretar ştiinţific al Consiliului Ştiinţific Specializat

HAJAJRA Mohamed, Manager, PhD student of

Free International University of Moldova, Chisinau SIROTA Julia,

PhD Ort Braude College, Israel


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