Vol 3 No 9 (2019): EPH - International Journal of Educational Research (ISSN: 2208-2204)

Counselor's "professional" development must jump out of the "singularization" thinking trap

Juan Wang
Southwest Petroleum University
Published October 2, 2019
  • counselor,
  • professionalization,
  • singularization
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Juan Wang. (2019). Counselor’s "professional" development must jump out of the "singularization" thinking trap. EPH - International Journal of Educational Research (ISSN: 2208-2204), 3(9), 23-27. Retrieved from https://ephjournal.com/index.php/er/article/view/1545


The subjective limitation of the counselor's work content to the "singularization" of one or several jobs in the name of "professionalization" has become a thinking trap that hinders the team of college counselors from correctly understanding the core meaning of "professionalization", which is not conducive to the real "professional" development of counselors. To this end, we must seek the actual content according to the name, so that the name and the reality are consistent and understand the meaning of "professionalization"; trace back the roots and make it clear where "professionalization" comes from; hold high the banner and clear the direction, understanding where "professionalization" goes. The understanding and practice of the "professional" development of counselors should return to common sense and responsibility, so that counselors can never forget their original intention and better carry out their mission.


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