An Investigation of Influence of Principal’s Attitude on Security Management in Public Secondary Schools in Nzaui Sub-County, Makueni County, Kenya

  • Wambua Joseph Muoki
  • Dr. Paul Edabu
Keywords: Principals’ Attitude, Security Management, Public Secondary Schools


Despite the inclusion of security management in the safety and standards manual in Kenyan schools, insecurity is still being experienced in schools. Many of the secondary schools have had threats to safety from within originating from fires, insect bites, loose and sharp objects, poorly constructed buildings inadequate and poorly ventilated rooms all these among others makes the learner, the teacher and the workers insecure while in school. The study investigated influence of the principal’s attitude on safety management in the public schools in Nzaui sub-County, Makueni County Kenya. Mixed methods were used consequently applying the concurrent triangulation strategy. Purposive sampling was used to pick principals from the selected schools considering schools which had reported cases of insecurity. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze quantitative data and inferentially using ANOVA Test Analysis. (SPSS 23) and expressed in tabulation form. It was evident from the findings that insecurity was on the rise in many secondary schools in Nzaui Sub-county. It further revealed that principals’ attitude has not been positive in security management in public secondary schools. The study recommends that the principals ought to develop positive attitude towards security management since it is first step towards mitigating the security challenges.

Author Biographies

Wambua Joseph Muoki

School of Education, Mount Kenya University, P.O Box 342-01000, Thika, Kenya

Dr. Paul Edabu

School of Education, Mount Kenya University, P.O Box 342-01000, Thika, Kenya