Research on Teaching Archive Managements in Chinese Local Universities under Teaching Evaluation

  • Ling Ling Lu Anyang Normal University
Keywords: Chinese Local Universities, Teaching Evaluation, Teaching Archives Managements


Teaching archives refer to the teaching documents which have been formed in teaching activities and are archived and saved, which is one of the important indicators to measure the teaching management level and education teaching quality of local universities. Whether the teaching archives are complete or not, It has a direct impact on the results of educational evaluation. The paper points out the main problems existing in the management and utilization of teaching archive managements in chinese local universities by analyzing the characteristics of teaching archives. Finally, from the perspective of perfecting the management system of teaching archives, strengthening the emphasis on teaching archives management, improving the professional quality of teaching archivists and promoting the informatization construction of teaching archives to deal with the problems in the managements of teaching archives in local  universities at this stage.

Author Biography

Ling Ling Lu, Anyang Normal University

Faculty of History and Archaeology, Anyang Normal University, Anyang, China


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