Final Year Projects: making it more Applied

  • Ameen Ali Talib Singapore University of Social Sciences
Keywords: Final year projects, Business Schools, Entrepreneurship, Higher Education


     Final-year projects and dissertations undertaken by students at the end of their Bachelor degree courses are a topic of interest in many countries. This paper reasserts the importance of Final Year Projects and rethinks their role in the business school curriculum to equip students for employability and for the business world.
      While recognizing the strengths of the traditional research-based dissertation honors project, what are also needed are alternative types that provide students with a forward-looking experience and equip them to thrive in an uncertain, super-complex world (Barnett 2000; 2004).
      The paper discusses alternative methods for the Final Year Projects in business schools and recommends that business schools have student-run businesses, a consultancy practice and an entrepreneurship incubator. Students would then be exposed to real world problems and learn to take decisions. Supervisors would act as advisors and offer business coaching. The benefits of such projects and issues involved are discussed.

Author Biography

Ameen Ali Talib, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Head, Applied Projects School of Business, Singapore University of Social Sciences

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