The Propaganda Used in Arabic-Speaking Israeli Websites towards Jerusalem Issue

A Comparative Analytical Study

  • Ayman Khmis Abu Noqaira Islamic University of Gaza - Palestine
  • Samee Harara
Keywords: : Propaganda- Websites - Jerusalem Issue


This study aimed at identifying the methods of propaganda in the Israeli Arabic-speaking websites on the issue of Jerusalem, its types and objectives, monitoring the most important contents and sources and the propaganda forms that it uses.

The study is based on the descriptive research methodology that used the survey methodology, in which there are the method of content analysis, the method of the study of mutual relations and the method of methodological comparison. The study tool was in the content analysis form for the collection and classification of data and information. The study was applied to a sample of Israel in Arabic website, the Times of Israel website, and Al-masdar website, in the period from 1-7-2017 to 31-12-2017, based on the theory of "prioritization".

The study reached several results, most notably:

  1. The goal of distorting the facts as one of the goals of Israeli propaganda ranked first )27.4%(. In the second place, the goal of beautifying the image of Israel ) 23.7%.(
B. The method of repetition as one of the methods of Israeli propaganda ranked first (23.9%), followed by the method of distracting attention (19.3%(.


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