Rising Popularity of Dairy Farming among SHGs

A Case Study

  • Dr Ramesh - Salian Tumkur University
Keywords: Dairy Farming, Empowerment, Microfinance, Self-Help Groups


The present paper depicts that dairying is one of the vital components of animal husbandry and has become an important secondary source of income.  India is one of the largest milk producers of the world since 1997.  Now-a-days, dairy farming financed by microfinance and Self-Help Groups (SHG) has become a ladder for the poor to break out from the state of impoverishment and also give them a boost to feel secure, socially and psychologically. Even the landless labourers and households can rear a couple of animals where the facilities for collection of milk as well as veterinary facilities are available.  For the villagers today’s  diary is both a healthy and wealthy occupation. Small diary of two high yielding cows has become an attractive economic proposition for the SHG members, particularly women. Women with queuing in front of the society to supply milk in the early morning are a familiar scene in the rural areas today. The moment village women think about self-employment, the first business idea comes to her memory is a diary. Dairy farming is an ecofriendly business and can be easily ventured into and is capital light and quick yielding also. Field study experience identified a few of the successful women members who involved completely in SHG movement and graduated as women entrepreneurs in dairy farming and empowered both economically and socially. In a male dominated society, women have always been underestimated and discriminated in all spheres of life. The paper concludes that women development and empowerment to a great extent depends upon the economic empowerment of women and microfinance through dairy farming can prove to be a very powerful self-employment venture for women empowerment in the times to come.


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