Analysis of Doctoral Programs in Leadership: Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Dr. Chaiyaset Promsri
Keywords: Doctoral degree, Doctoral program, Leadership, Leadership program


             The objective of this study was to analyze strengths and weaknesses of doctoral degree programs in leadership offered by Thai universities. This study was a documentary analysis, which aimed at investigating and comparing doctoral degree programs in leadership offered by Thai universities. Google search engine was employed as a tool for conducting this study. The search was conducted during the first two weeks of April 2019, which limited only the vigorous doctoral programs in leadership. Numerous keywords such as doctoral degree program in leadership, degree in leadership, and leadership program in Thai universities were used for searching for information about doctoral degree programs in leadership. Surprisingly, according to findings, there were three active programs in leadership available for those who want to study doctoral degree in leadership. Among these three institutes, Rangsit University had provided sufficient information about the program much more than Mahidol University and Surindra Rajabhat University. However, these programs had both strengths and weaknesses in which candidates need to carefully review before making a final decision to apply for one of these programs.


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