Psycho-Social and Economic Impact of Divorce on Divorced Mothers and their Children in Sub- City of Sabean in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

  • Shambel Tufa Telila Lecturers at Dire Dawa University
  • Dagne Tafa Gemechu
Keywords: Divorce, Children, Mother, Social, Economic Impact, Psychological,


The justification of writing this paper was to investigate the psychological, social and economic impact of divorce on mothers and their children in Dire Dawa City in sub-City of Sabean. The study attempted to examine the shocks happened due to divorce because divorce is the termination marriage. The impacts include psychological, social and economic which caused families upset especially the shock to children after divorce in Dire Dawa City particularly to Sabean sub- City.

Author Biography

Shambel Tufa Telila, Lecturers at Dire Dawa University

(Assistant Professor)