Women's integration into the police: an examination of gender perceptions in the field of law

  • Laliv Cohen -Israeli
Keywords: male profession, gender, police, attorney, prosecution


This study focuses on women's integration in "male" (perceived) professions, and seeks to determine whether affirmative action also affects the way members of the Police Legal Unit perceive one another. The research examine whether the legal profession has become gender indistinct at the personal, perceptive level.
The findings show no gender differences in professionalism. The conclusion is important for women in the Police force in particular, and women professionals in general. However, what is of equal significance is that it is also of value for male professionals, as outdated stereotypical myths are exploded. One implication of the findings is that given identical roles, women and men are perceived as professionally similar. 

Author Biography

Laliv Cohen -Israeli

Behavioral Sciences Program The Israel Academic College
87 Pinchas Rutenberg St.
Ramat Gan