The road to social justice and labour welfare through the Employee’s State Insurance Act, 1948 and judicial contribution

  • Raman Sharma
Keywords: social justice, labour welfare, Employee’s State Insurance, judicial contribution


The Employees State Insurances Act, 1948 is social welfare legislation aimed at ensuring certain benefits to all covered employees( medical care and cash allowance during sickness, maternity and employment injury, pension for dependents on the death of the worker due to employment injury, and funeral benefit towards the expenditure on the funeral of an insured person), the benefits are provided through dispensaries and hospitals set up by the Employees State Insurance Corporation. The Act provides a scheme under which the employer and the employee must contribute a certain percentages of the monthly wage to the Insurance Corporation that runs dispensaries and hospitals in working class localities.

Author Biography

Raman Sharma

Ph.D. Research Scholar, Deptt. of Laws Panjab University Chandigarh