Dialectics of Development : A Study of Legacy of Ambedkar in Tamil Nadu

  • Kennedy stephensan vaseekaran University of Madras


Any one who have fair knowledge about the politics of Tamil nadu and also the national politics would presumably understand the vision and mission of Dr. Ambedkar. In the 21st century, whether Dr. Ambedkar’s vision has any relevance and in particularly, the question of development from the stand point of liberalist framework, one need to look deep into Ar.Ambedkar’s vision for India’s development. In nutshell Dr. Ambedkar has not only an eye opener to India but to other nations as well. That makes Dr. Ambedkar universal, which many contest on the grounds of narrow framework of social net work theories. However, I would like to dwell upon the issues in development since the independence in India as far as the “ dalits” are concerned, particularly, with case study from the state of Tamil nadu.

Author Biography

Kennedy stephensan vaseekaran, University of Madras

Associate Professor
Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai -600005


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