• Samuel A. Nigro
Keywords: The loss of, reproduction consistency, has flooded humanity with unnatural sex to the extent that, gender, is now meaningless and emotionality is the rule of the land. Without, any genital activity with anyone or anything is


Objecting to Roe v. Wade, Doc Sam wrote The Death of America in 1972, detailing abortion as a death implosion on America. In spite of the title, he then believed he was over-stating the case and actually considered America to be alive and well for the most part, and would self-correct in time. However, some forty years later, he sadly
recognizes that America of the Founders is dead. Abortion and its subliminal equivalents have spread with "abortion" manifest from children killing themselves to victimhoodloving deadbeats wanting to kill politicians they do not like. Abortion has created a malignant culture of death, violence, and unnatural sex all of which have created UnNaturalAmerica--a tsunami of rejections of the Constitution required compliance with "Nature and Nature's God" and subtle delusions of "never wrong" about anything.Abortion (and "contraception" to be precise) removed "reproduction" from human sexuality resulting in an unimagined outcome-- "UnNaturalAmerica": an anti-child, antifamily, anti-natural masturbation emotional violent "abortion" culture has replaced the Founders Culture with "marriage" being the psychosocial "pheromone" for human sexuality (comparable to the biochemical pheromones which prevent animals from carrying on sexually like humans now do in uncontrolled fashion). Thus, "sex" is no longer "reproductive", so it is "excretory"--emotional release for recreation and advertising, commercialized and destroyed as part of planetary sex because it is no longer
"reproductive consistent sexuality between mature opposite sexed members of the same species" (as sex is pheromone defined overwhelmingly by the animal kingdom on the planet, dare said, "as defined by Nature and Nature's God" [got a cat?] and kept that way for/by "marriage"--the psychosocial pheromone for humans to be in concert with the planet.).

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