Vol 5 No 9 (2019): EPH - International Journal of Medical and Health Science (ISSN: 2456 - 6063)

Elliptocytosis at University hospital Souro Sanou (CHUSS)

Sawadogo S
Laboratoire d’Hématologie CHUSS
Kouldiaty J.
Medecine interne centre hospitalier Yalgado Ouédraogo Ouagadougou
Traoré/Zoungrana C.
Medecine interne CHUSS
Kissou A.S.
Pediatrie CHUSS
Kafando E.
laboratoire centre hospitalier pédiatrique Charles De Gaule Ouagadougou
Diop S.
Centre National de transfusion sanguine Dakar Sénégal
Published October 1, 2019
  • Elliptocytose,
  • frottis sangui,
  • ektacytométrie,
  • troubles visuels
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Sawadogo S, Kouldiaty J., Traoré/Zoungrana C., Kissou A.S., Kafando E., & Diop S. (2019). Elliptocytosis at University hospital Souro Sanou (CHUSS). EPH - International Journal of Medical and Health Science (ISSN: 2456 - 6063), 5(9), 01-12. Retrieved from https://ephjournal.com/index.php/mhs/article/view/1551


This study is about elliptocytosis (anomaly of the Red Blood Cells membrane) in a family of the county of “Hauts Basins”. On the members’ blood smears, elliptocytes, at variable percentage according to the persons, have been found. The same images have been found among the descendants who have been examined. All (the propositus) have hemolysis offset and women had a visual defect. 

Materials and Methods

 The following examinations were made: CBC, smears on fresh blood, smears after 24 hours in a blood autoclave, results of hemolysis for some, ektacytometry, visual acuity, visual field. Some factors of significance were sought: Research of the anomalies of the Hemoglobin by capillary electrophoresis and high performance liquid chromatography, martial balance, balance sheet vitamin.

Results: while some have presented a simple elliptocytosis, the other had a pyropoikilocytosis. The women presented for some a decrease in visual acuity and for other an amputation of the visual field in temporal.

The relationship between the disease hematological and visual disorders could not be performed because the molecular biology has not been able to be carried out.



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